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~ The Little River Zen Center~

~6028 Albion Little Road Little River Road~

~ Little River, CA 95456 ~ 707 937-3796 ~



Kumeido / The Little River Zendo is a new center for meditation and Buddhist practice located on the beautiful Mendocino Coast.


Founded in the Soto Zen tradition in 2005 by Reverend Ann Myosho Kyle Brown and Dr. Michael Brown, Kumeido is being developed to offer the North Coast community a place for spiritual exploration and expression through retreats, classes, performance and exhibition, healing arts, environmental study and social activist programs in addition to daily meditation practice – all with the purpose of awakening our reverence for the wonder and beauty of the natural world and our commitment to its care and protection and the prosperity of all beings.

Retreat schedules provide a balance of formal meditation, working meditation, and ceremonial, allowing the mind of meditation to be cultivated throughout all aspects of an ordinary day.



Kumeido has a rustic Zendo (meditation hall), meadows, a pond, orchard and woodlands - a serene environment for meditation practice both in and out of doors.  The teaching and practice here will be focused on the cultivation of attention in everyday life and the dismantling of the obstacles to attention that arise out of habit and conditioning of mind. Kumeido is affiliated with Kojinan Temple, the Oakland Soto Zen meditation center established by Rev. Kyle-Brown’s teacher, Gengo Akiba Roshi, Bishop for Soto Zen in North America.


On October 29th, 2006, Kumeido will be formally opened in a Kaitanshiki ceremony officiated by Akiba Roshi.  The community is warmly invited.  For further information on Kaitanshiki ceremony click HERE.


In the future, Kumeido will sponsor various projects and activities in support of Buddhist studies, practice, education and engagement in the world motivated by Buddhist principles. Speakers and teachers will come from many sectors of the Buddhist community: some will be ordained, others will be dedicated lay practitioners; some will be Westerners, some Asian. Representatives from every Buddhist lineage are welcome. All are welcome.


For further information, please contact me at annkyle@mcn.org or call 707 937-3796.